15th AGM

July 20, 2024

15th AGM

Dear Members,

As you are aware, Annual General Body Meeting is one avenue for ALL the members to get together, understand and contribute to operations, suggest improvements/new lines of activities and frame the future of YOUR center.

While the official Notice would reach you in due time, this is an Advance Information to enable you to plan ahead and make sure that you are available for the AGM with your family members.

With your support and involvement, your center is bound to achieve great heights and acclaim.

Management would solicit three volunteers for the following activities.

  1. One smart and articulate volunteer between 18 and 30 years to be a master of ceremonies
  2. Two  member volunteers under the age of 50 to co-ordinate events of the day as event managers.

We also request that you fill google form for


  1. The one activity which you want for which you would work / participate  in the center
  2. One improvement in any area as your suggestion.

The official agenda would be announced in the coming days.

Once again my request to please block 20th July evening and ensure attendance with all your family members.