TOS & Refund Policy


We follow a strict no refund policy but under any scenario, should a situation arise the Center will directly deal with the member. If there are any duplicate /erroneous payments made by a member, the subject extra payment will  be adjusted by the Center directly with the member in an appropriate manner  

The amount on the member bill is as it shows, however, due to any technical issue, typographical error or product information received from our backend services may vary. The “Center” will try to be accurate, however if you come across any difference in amounts on the “Center”‘s Website pre and post-payment, we request you to contact us within 72 (Seventy Two) hours of having made your payment. The “Center” shall then refund the difference amount to the member directly. The mode of the refund to the member will be done either by cheque or online through bank depending on the preference of the member. For Bills paid by Payment Gateway /  Online transfer by NEFT/RTGS /IMPS  / Cheque, the refunds will be done by Cheque or online through the bank depending on the preference of the member.