A decade ago, a group of IITians did just that… they sat down and figured…

What if IIT alumni could be offered a ready platform that allowed them the ambience to network professionally and socially? A space that allowed them professional interaction with Industry and with peers? What if a world-class Alumni Center is created for IITians, by IITians, akin to other world-class institutions like Harvard, Oxford and Yale, with even better networking and industry interaction programs?

The seeds of these discussions led to the formation of the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center (AIIC) in 2009. The IIT AIIC was an effort in creating a pioneering first-of-its-kind institution to foster social, business and technology networking amongst IIT alumni, faculty and Industry. Over 50 IIT alumni members from the various IITs work pro bono in 8 committees to oversee the Center’s operations and the smooth conduct of an eclectic range of events and activities.

The IITs of India are hallowed institutions of higher learning. They have given to the world of technology thousands of engineers, post-graduates and doctors of philosophy, who are doing yeoman service in the fields of Science, Engineering and Management.

IIT alumni make their mark across the globe in various ways. Running successful businesses, leading cutting-edge research, or working in high-tech environments, and through their endeavors making the world a better place to live in.

Imagine what so many successful IITians could achieve if they got together in a relaxed yet professional ambience, and discussed work over a drink, played bridge with peers, or just chilled over a weekend. The synergistic possibilities are endless!


The IIT AIIC aims to provide a meeting ground for Corporate R&D, Industry Professionals, Faculty, and Students for increased collaborative work. The Center also seeks to develop a vibrant community that is engaged and committed to contributing through networking, research partnerships, mentor-mentee relationships, entrepreneurial ideas, and more, by leveraging the strengths of its individual members.

Members will have opportunities to connect with one another, engage in growth activities and get empowered with new perspectives and directions to fulfilment. It provides a world-class ambience for meaningful and fruitful interaction between industry, alumni, academia, researchers, policy makers, legal/finance/technical specialists and investment managers.

As a member of the IIT AIIC, you can  empower yourself, and key members of your organization, through technology, business and social networking amongst members from the extended IIT ecosystem.