IIT AIIC moved to its premium premises in April 2020 located inside the IIT Madras Research Park. While much has been done in Phase 1 much more remains to be done in Phase 2 to create and maintain a truly world-class facility.

As with any such ambitious project, finances always remain the primary challenge. And in a Club like ours, more so because the membership numbers take time to build up what with most IITians choosing to be NRIs! We have been able to sustain the expenses in the last one year. However until the critical mass is reached when membership fees and spend at the Club increase and with support and help in the form of donations for a good cause which are always welcome there is a need to persevere and pursue every avenue to generate funds. Corporates, philanthropists, past pupils, alumni members, and the general public which are always welcome to contribute generously to make the IIT AIIC a premium meeting ground for some of the finest minds on earth. Meetings from which much good is bound to result for the world at large because IITians are by nature bright, smart, and intelligent, and at the same time, down-to-earth, caring and socially very conscious.

To donate, please contact:

The Center currently has more than 600 members from across all IITs and Faculty, IIMs, IISc, XLRI, ISB, NIT, BITS, Anna University including School of Architecture, AC College of Technology and from other eminent Institutes of repute and pedigree in India as well as overseas, besides Medical Doctors and Chartered Accountants.
However, the new premises with its extensive 30,000 sq ft of overall space and adequate facilities is able to easily cater to many more.
Hence, while the management is always on a membership drive, It is imperative that all members, and even non-member IITians, rev this up to the next gear and spread the message of the Center and its facilities across the eco-system all over the world and create a domino effect that multiplies membership in a short span of time.

To participate in this membership overdrive, please contact:

Sponsorship by Corporates to host events singly or jointly with AIIC is most welcome. Participation and co-hosting AIIC events are other options available to them.

Participation by Diplomatic Missions/Consulates in hosting and engaging the Department of International Trade, and the Mission’s innovation ecosystem with the IIT Alumni Center at IIT Madras Research Park. would be a welcome initiative. Holding Industry Trade Missions, facilitating partnerships with IITMRP’s incubation Center are some other interesting threads which can be explored. AIIC can also facilitate and can help connect Enterprises from overseas better with the ecosystem available at IITMRP.

Over 50 IITians from across India at present help in making this happen, but they will certainly be happy with many more extending their helping hands to make the job easier, faster, better and more enjoyable for all concerned, and to help drive the existing programs of the Center as well as to initiate innovative new programs for its members to benefit from.

To lend a helping hand to your alma mater’s Club in any capacity of your choice, please contact:

How do you register?

You can register on the Centre website (,
contact Manager, IIT AIIC, at  (+91 98405 43555)
or send an email to: and we will get back to you.