Over 650 members already enjoy the facilities at the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center. They comprise alumni and faculty from all the IITs, selected alumni from the IIMs, designated senior employees from Corporate members, and a few ex-officio members such as the Directors of all the IITs.

Most of them hold senior positions in their respective organizations and have added great value in their respective spheres.


Admission to the IIT AIIC is through membership. A variety of unique customized options, each coming with their own set of privileges, are available to suit various categories – age groups, professional status, faculty, residence status, youth, et al..

Individual Member – IIT Alumni (Alumni of all IITs are eligible)
Members will be classified as Resident or Non Resident or Overseas Resident.

Members fall under one of the following categories:
A. Charter Member
B. Patron Member
C. Principal Member
D. Donor Member
E. Resident Faculty (all faculty members of any IIT as long as they continue as faculty)
F. Young Alumni (with attractive special offers for freshers and those who have graduated within the decade)
G. Institutional , by invitation only
H. Alumni of IIMs, IISc ,  XLRI, ISB and NIT
I. Visiting alumni member
J. Senior Citizen member
K. Resident Alumni
L. Non Resident Alumni (Non Resident Status defined by Residence outside greater Chennai)
N. Overseas Alumni – OCI Alumni
O. Patron Membership
P. Resident Non IIT Alumni – Alumni of IIMs, IISc , XLRI, ISB and NIT
Q. Progeny Members
R. Independent Spouse member
S. Overseas Non IIT Alumni (ONA)
T. Non Resident Non IIT Alumni (NRNA)
U. Eminent Membership

Besides, the IIT AIIC also extends benefits to corporate occupants of the IIT Madras Research Park. Since the Center is close to many major IT Parks, similar benefits are also extended to Corporate members from the neighbouring Technology Parks, thus expanding the value of the networking.

What is in it for you?

  • A chance to be a part of an elite network that would include Industry Leaders, Bureaucrats & Technocrats, Policy Makers and Influencers
  • A chance to listen to talks by people of eminence
  • A chance to reconnect and re-engage with your alma mater
  • An opportunity to give back, share your skills and knowledge
  • A chance to be a part of specially curated events and programs


How do you register?

You can register on the Centre website (,
contact Manager, IIT AIIC, at  (+91 98405 43555)
or send an email to: and we will get back to you.