Offerings at THE IIT AIIC

Some of the ongoing offerings of the IIT AIIC that have grown strong roots.


A monthly musical “offering with a difference”, spanning multiple styles, genres and languages, that has been a resounding success. Come, Listen & Experience Music LIVE!

The IIT Alumni Centre, (IITAC) Chennai, formed by Alumni of all IITs, has launched VOX (Voices of Excellence), a bi-monthly initiative featuring, talks by persons of eminence. Each talk would last about 120 minutes and would include Q & A, audience interaction and networking.

The audience would comprise of members of the IIT Alumni Center and their guests, leading industrialists from Chennai, faculty at IIT Madras, and people working in companies incubated at the IIT Madras Research Park.

The Bridge Tournament at the IIT Alumni Center offers the Highest Prize Money for a monthly event anywhere in India! This is now an established part of the Chennai bridge calendar!

A series featuring presentations and discussions around food, and food-tasting workshops, Beer Fests, Wine and Cheese Tasting ….

Conducted by expert quiz masters from outside as well as from amongst our own alumni!


The PALS programme is for Local Engineering Institutes that it partners. The programme helps partner institutes differentiate themselves by investing in upgrading and augmenting the knowledge of their faculty and students. Over the years, PALS has benefitted students through the campus lectures and Innovation Challenges, and faculty through the Industry and Education Summit, IIT Madras Department Visits and Industry Visits.

Started in 2012, PALS is now a year-long program with events spread through the academic year of the partner institutions.

A series of well curated talks by Alumni and Industry specialist to help startups in their journey.

At the IIT AIIC, there has never been a dull moment for members and their guests. The past 10 years have seen a series of refreshing, entertaining, and intellectually stimulating activities to complement the sense of belonging.



The Industry Round Table (IRT) is a key strategic initiative of the IIT AIIC.

Strategic partnerships merge the discovery-driven culture of the IIT with the innovation-driven environment of Industry, paving the way for greater impact.

Possibilities don’t end there.
Companies can also do sponsored research at IIT Madras. They can also sponsor their candidates for post-graduate programs thus benefiting from the research, as it would be of immediate use to them.


A monthly series of lecture-workshops that introduces women to the concepts of managing personal finance. In addition to members, these workshops are now attended by women professionals from some of the top corporate organizations in the city.

A series of events andshows covering art, music and other cultural pursuits to provide a rich social experience for members. In particular, the Art shows have now become an integral part of the Chennai calendar.